Accuser's Past Testimony Might Discredit Rape Allegations Against 'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer

There might be a flaw in Michael Egan’s account of being raped by “X-Men” director Bryan Singer in Hawaii. According to a decade-old deposition, Egan has never even been to Hawaii, Buzzfeed reports.

Egan filed a lawsuit last month in Hawaii claiming that Singer and other drugged and raped him at a mansion in in the state in 1999 when he was underage. But he swore under oath in 2003 that he has never left the continental U.S.

He also alleged sexual abuse by Singer in California, but many of the supposed acts took place in Hawaii.

In the deposition obtained by Buzzfeed, Egan explained that he went on smaller trips within the continental U.S., but that his mother never let him travel far away.

Egan’s lawyer, Jeff Herman, told Buzzfeed: “I’m not sure how he interpreted the continental United States.”

Despite what Egan said in the deposition, his mother apparently told Herman that she had authorised two trips to Hawaii.

Singer has denied the sexual abuse allegations.

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