Michael Dell Thinks Windows 8 Will NOT Be Hot In Businesses This Year

Michael Dell

Micheal Dell has joined the gloomy predictions on Windows 8.

“DELL Says Corporations are Still Adopting Windows 7, Unlikely that Windows 8 Will Have Large Adoption at Launch,” tweets news site Benzinga.com while covering Dell’s earnings today.

Dell’s comments make a mockery out of Steve Ballmer’s predictions that Windows 8 will have half a billion users in its first year. Although they’re well in line with Microsoft’s earlier statements that “the path to Windows 8 is through Windows 7” when it comes to enterprises.

Dell isn’t alone with middling predictions about Windows 8 adoption early on. Last week, BMO analyst Keith Bachman issued a research note where he pronounced: “Windows 8 will prove to be a disappointment, at least out of the gate,” reports ZDNet.

Lack of enthusiasm for Windows 8 is hurting Dell and HP. Both companies are in bed with Microsoft and relying on the new operating system to boost their PC businesses and help them compete with Apple.

Dell posted its quarterly earnings today and its PC business was sluggish. Sales to consumers took a big hit, with revenue slipping 12 per cent to $3 billion. Revenue in the quarter was $14.4 billion, a 4 per cent decrease from the previous year, Dell said.