Dell CEO says taking the company private was 'fantastic for me'

Michael dell joe tucci emcDellEMC CEO Joe Tucci (left) shakes hands with Dell CEO and founder Michael Dell (right)

Fresh off the news of its massive $US67 billion buyout of EMC, Dell CEO and founder Michael Dell says he has no regrets about his decision to take the PC manufacturing company private two years ago.

On stage at the company’s annual Dell World event, Dell told a packed house of customers and resellers that “the last two years have been fantastic for me.”

Free from the pressures of outside investors, Dell says, he can focus on building out the company, “not the 90 day shot clock” of constantly worrying about earnings.

“I’m even more convinced that going private was the right thing for you and your company,” Dell says.

And while private companies like Dell don’t have to share their financial details with anyone, Dell says that the company has used the opportunity to focus on research and development, filing more patents than ever before, for a total of 8,000 patents belonging to the company before.

And on the topic of EMC, which sells storage and server infrastructure to businesses, Dell says that it’s a deal that will broaden the company’s business into an “enterprise solutions powerhouse.”

Indeed, when Dell first went private, Michael Dell says he was often asked if the company would still engage in mergers and acquisitions.

“Go big or go home, baby,” Dell says.

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