Michael Dell Does Not Deny mobile phone Plans (DELL)


In Davos, Dell founder Michael Dell describes reports that the company is getting into the mobile phone business as a “rumour.” But he doesn’t say the reports are not true.

Reuters: Michael Dell said on Friday that reports of Dell’s cell phone ambitions were “best described as a rumour” when chased by reporters at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

This, of course, means nothing. Many rumours in the tech business turn out to be true. (Many false, as well.)

Meanwhile, the New York Times is the latest to report that Dell has been working on smartphone prototypes based on both Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows Mobile and Google’s (GOOG) Android software. But the Times says it’s not true that Dell will announce its phone at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, as rumoured.

“[P]eople knowledgeable about the company’s plans say the company does not plan to announce a product anytime soon. Dell continues to debate whether its current design, said to be based on an ARM processor like the one in the iPhone, will prove unusual enough to impress consumers and worthy of putting into the market.”

A reader, who claims to be close to Dell, says that Dell won’t start selling its phones until September. Specifically, that source claims Dell’s phone is being referred to internally as “MePhone” and that it’ll go on sale on Sept. 9 — 9/9/09.

Dell representatives have not returned multiple requests for comment regarding the company’s mobile phone plans.

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