The man behind 'Big Shaq' tells the story of his viral freestyle 'Man's Not Hot'

  • Business Insider spoke with entertainer and viral phenomenon Michael Dapaah, also known as MC BIG SHAQ who performs the song “Man’s not hot.”
  • BBC’s 1xtra Fire in The Booth helped propel Dapaah’s popularity after performing on the show.
  • Dapaah says that some of the Big Shaq lyrics in the rap were made up in the moment.

Read the full transcript below:

The Fire in The Booth exposed me to a wider audience. I had hundreds of thousands of followers, loyal followers before that, that’s been following me on the journey. I think with the Fire in The Booth, when I got in there as MC Quakez he already had his bars ready.

Mc Quakez and Shakez – who’s played by my younger brother – they already had their bars ready. They were going in there to promote their single “Balance.” That’s what was out at the moment.

I think with Shaq, in his situation he was just annoyed that Charlie (Sloth) just wasn’t giving him the shot. He wasn’t respecting him, he wasn’t putting respect on his name.

So, when he went in there he had some bars prepared but then he was so deep, deeply hurt and emotionally tainted by man like Charles, that he just went in there and just put everything out.

All his emotions came out and that’s when he said: “the ting goes SKRRAHH!” You know what I’m saying? He wanted Charlie to understand that: “bro, get me, I’m meant to be here bruv.” You know?

Some of the bars were prepared before and some of the bars were just in the moment of the character. Because if that was me, I wouldn’t be saying that. But if that is Shaq, you don’t know what the heck is gonna come out of his mouth.

And that’s what happened in the Fire in The Booth.
Filmed and Produced by David Ibekwe. Special Thanks to Leon Siciliano.

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