‘The Walking Dead’ fan favourite Michael Cudlitz says he’s down to return for a movie or short and he has an idea

We could see more of Abraham in ‘The Walking Dead’ universe’s future if Michael Cudlitz has his way. Ben Leuner/AMC

Warning: There are some spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead” universe.

Former “Walking Dead” showrunner Scott M. Gimple recently announced Rick Grimes’ story will continue in a series of AMC original movies, and there’s at least one other fan favourite who is down to return in his own project.

Michael Cudlitz, who directed Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead” told INSIDER he’s interested in doing a future “Walking Dead” movie or short with his character Abraham.

“Yep. Yep, absolutely,” said Cudlitz, who even has an idea of how he could appear even though his character was brutally killed off the show on the season seven premiere.

“I think they have hinted in that direction when they showed last year, on ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ the tapes that were made by the reporter that were inside the truck. One of the tapes, when they did a close-up insert on it said Abe/Doctor,” said Cudlitz referencing Maggie Grace’s journalist character, Althea.

Abe doctor tape fear the walking dead
Madison rummages through Althea’s tapes and you can quickly see one labelled ‘Abe/Doctor.’ Michael Cudlitz says that refers to Abraham and Eugene. AMC

“That would be Abraham and Doctor Eugene Porter. So there’s an interview somewhere. There’s a story somewhere floating around out in that universe about us,” he continued. “So I would certainly be open to that. I had a great time with the people in the show. It by no means defines my career, so I’m not in any rush to run away from it, so I would be fine with any of that.”

Abraham eugene twd 614
The tape briefly seen on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ implies that Abraham and Eugene met up with a character on the ‘Walking Dead’ spin-off at some point in time. Gene Page/AMC

The tape Cudlitz mentions was seen on the season four mid-season finale of “Fear The Walking Dead.” It’s known that Abraham and Eugene started their journey on “The Walking Dead” from Texas before they wound up heading to Washington, D.C. There’s definitely some backstory waiting to be filled in there with how the two met up with Rosita.

For now, Cudlitz said he hasn’t been approached about any sort of movie or short.

“No,” he said. “And if I was, I couldn’t tell you.”

We miss Abraham and his cigars. Gene Page/AMC

Fair enough.

And if we don’t see Cudlitz return as Abraham, he said he’d love to return and direct more episodes of “The Walking Dead.”

“Yes, I would love to,” Cudlitz said. “If they will have me, I would certainly come back. Everyone seemed happy. That doesn’t always define what happens on the business side of things, and the creative side of things. All those choices are made, decisions are made by other people. But I’ve let them know that I’d be more than happy to come back if they wanted me to. So, we’ll see what happens.”

You can currently see Cudlitz on ABC’s “The Kids are Alright,” which was recently picked up for an entire season. He’s also hoping to direct an episode on that show in the future.