Listen to Trump lawyer Michael Cohen go on a 2015 profanity-laced tirade at a reporter in previously unreleased audio

  • It’s no secret that Michael Cohen took pride in his role as a defender and protector of his longtime client, Donald Trump.
  • Long known as a confidant and a fixer for Trump, Cohen seemed to relish the role, and that was made clear in a 2015 conversation with a reporter, the audio of which NPR published on Thursday.
  • Cohen can be heard talking to Tim Mak, then a reporter for The Daily Beast, for a story involving Trump’s first wife’s claim that he raped her, an accusation she later walked back.
  • Cohen lashed out at Mak, and made the now-infamous claim that “you can’t rape your spouse.”
  • The audio was released as part of a broader NPR story about how Cohen used dramatic legal threats to protect Trump.
  • Cohen is now the focus of a criminal investigation out of the Southern District of New York on suspicion of campaign-finance violations and bank fraud.

Listen to the newly released audio of Michael Cohen’s 2015 tirade, courtesy of NPR:

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