Donald Trump's attorney: Trump's sexual assault accusers 'aren't even women he'd be attracted to'

Michael d cohen donald trump sexual assaultScreenshot via CNNMichael D. Cohen executive vice president of the Trump Organisation..

Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, implied that more than a dozen women accusing the Republican presidential candidate of various forms of sexual misconduct are not attractive enough to grope.

“Beauty is in the eye of beholder … these aren’t even women he’d be attracted to,” Cohen said of Trump in a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday.

That line follows a recurring argument Trump has been making on the campaign trail — that some of the women who accused him of groping, kissing, and manhandling them were not attractive and therefore are not telling the truth.

“Look at her — look at her words,” the Manhattan businessman said at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida last week. “I don’t think so.”

Cohen, who described himself as a registered Democrat, attempted to give credence to the “beauty” argument: “I think what Mr. Trump is really trying to say is that they’re not somebody that he would be attracted to, and therefore, the whole thing is nonsense. “

For his part, Cohen said this about the beauty argument: “I don’t think it’s relevant to the conversation at all.”

Here’s more from Cohen:

Earlier on Tuesday, People magazine revealed that it found six colleagues and friends who say they can corroborate allegations against Trump levied by journalist, Natasha Stoynoff. Stoynoff published an essay for the magazine last week accusing Trump of physically attacking her in 2005. Her story was published after the release of a recording from the same year in which Trump bragged about groping women.

The latest dust-up is one of many for the Trump campaign and its surrogates of late, who have amplified their claims that the election, by way of national media outlets and publications, is being “rigged” in favour of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The Trump campaign has offered no evidence to support those claims.

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