This former UFC champion thinks Conor McGregor would 'kick Floyd Mayweather into hell' in a cage fight

Vaughn Ridley/Getty ImagesFloyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have been hinting at a rematch under MMA rules.
  • Britain’s first UFC champion, Michael Bisping, said Conor McGregor would beat Floyd Mayweather in 35 seconds in a cage.
  • He said the fight would break pay-per-view records.
  • Mayweather made close to $US1 billion from 21 years in professional boxing and could double his earnings in a few fights in UFC.

Britain’s first UFC champion Michael Bisping has said that Conor McGregor would “kick Floyd Mayweather into hell” if the pair met in a cage.

Speaking on his “Believe You Me” podcast, Bisping said there are rumours “floating around UFC” that undefeated boxer Mayweather will sign a $US1 billion (£700 million) contract for “a few fights” in UFC.

Any deal would likely include a rematch with McGregor after their boxing rules bout last year. Bisping warned that Mayweather should be careful what he wishes for.

“Conor McGregor in an MMA fight will f—— destroy Floyd Mayweather like he’s never seen,” said the studio analyst for Fox Sports.

“You fight a boxer you, take him down. He could take him down pretty f—— easy. You take him down, you pass guard, and you elbow the f— out of his face in about 35 seconds.”

Michael BispingGetty ImagesMichael Bisping says a UFC contest between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather would be far from even.

McGregor suffered a tenth round stoppage loss when he challenged Mayweather to a boxing fight last year. But Bisping says a UFC contest would be “a field day” for the Irishman.

“It takes so long to learn the grappling basics and the transitions from striking to the grappling,” he said, adding that McGregor’s kicking ability will be key.

“He could use push kicks to keep him away and he could set up high kicks. McGregor has a great kicking game – we’ve seen them all a thousand times, very fast, very agile – a lot of spinning kicks, he could just kick him into oblivion.”

A UFC deal might work for Mayweather

Bisping added that it might not be “stupid” for Mayweather to compete in MMA as “he doesn’t risk his perfect [professional boxing] record of 50-0.”

Regardless of whether Mayweather heads straight into a fight with McGregor, or has a few warm-up UFC bouts first, the end result would be the same – Mayweather would end up considerably richer.

Forbes estimates Mayweather to have made $US700 million in career earnings prior to the McGregor bout last year. With the prize money from that victory included, Mayweather could be pushing $US1 billion, according to Time. But the rumour is he could make a second billion if he signed with UFC.

“Everybody has their price and apparently there was rumours floating round that a billion dollars was the price for a few fights in the UFC and a f—— billion dollars goes a long way,” Bisping said. “It would certainly be a record-breaking pay-per-view, Who wouldn’t watch it? – I’d watch it – of course I would!”

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