Madoff Pal Michael Bienes On Suicide Watch?

We’ve still seen no evidence that the feds are investigating Michael Bienes and Frank Avellino, or frozen their millions, which were likely amassed via Madoff. We hope they’re doing so quietly, but that it just hasn’t come out yet.

Bob Norman, who’s doing some great Madoff-related investigative work down at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times has some fresh information on Michael Bienes, including the fact that he received some kind of knighthood from The Archdiocese of Miami (pictured) and that people who familiar with the situation think he might be a suicide threat. (Again: investigators, you better be talking to these guys now!). There’s also a lot of talk about how Bienes (A Jewish-to-Catholic convert) and his partner Avellino may have ripped off several churches and Catholic organisations throughout Florida. Not a nice thing to do when if you’re getting knighted!

Definitely read Norman’s whole post, where he takes some great swipes at a rival paper for failing to aggressively pursue this angle.

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