Grab Your Blast Shields, Michael Bay 'Might Want To Develop Lavish Online Video Games'

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, “Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction” Director Michael Bay dropped an interesting nugget on what he’d be interested in working on in the future.

Lavish online video games.

Asked if he might follow the footsteps of his friend Nicholas Cage who earlier said he might want to make Hong Kong his second home, Bay thought it might be an interesting idea. “I want to do some business in China and this part of the world,” said Bay, but that might not be a movie yet. He said he got a call from Dalian Wanda group, which acquired the US cinema operator AMC Theatres last year, but he was out of town.

“Maybe designing a car,” said Bay, adding that he might want to develop lavish online video games.

It isn’t clear if he means designing games in Asia for the Asian market or in general. Also, designing a car? We’re not sure how serious Bay is being here, but we imagine a Michael Bay designed car might look something like this zombie killer we saw at New York Comic Con:

And a Michael Bay video developed game might look something like this:

Check out the SCMP Michael Bay interview to read more about his experiences filming in Hong Kong, as well as his account of how he thwarted an air-conditioning wielding mad man by grabbing him by the neck.

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