A woman went viral for photoshopping herself in to a picture with Michael B. Jordan, and then she actually met him in real life

Bolu Babalola badly wanted to meet Michael B. Jordan. Bolu Babalola/Twitter
  • Bolu Babalola went viral for a Photoshopped picture of herself with Michael B. Jordan.
  • She asked him if he recognised her during a “Creed II” premiere event.
  • The two then took a real picture together – and the internet went wild.

Like virtually everyone on Earth, Bolu Babalola wanted to hang out with “Black Panther” and “Creed” star Michael B. Jordan. But few people go viral for wanting it as badly as her.

Right before Thanksgiving, Babalola posted a picture or herself with Jordan photoshopped in, making it seem like they had met. She asked people to help them reconnect.

“I met this guy on holiday this summer – we had a such a great connection but I changed my number and we lost touch,” she wrote. “Twitter do your thing????????????❤”


Later, Babalola – a music journalist – said she confirmed he saw the tweet.

At the “Creed II” European premiere in London Wednesday, Jordan was there. So was Babalola. From the audience, she asked him a question about the movie. She then asked him if he recognised her.

“Michel, I don’t know if you know what’s gone viral recently,” she said. “Some weird girl Photoshopped a picture of you with a picture of her and said you had a little romance this summer, and it kind of went viral. I’m the girl.”

Jordan offered to take a real picture with her after the Q&A event. And they did

After Babalola posted the photo, the internet erupted



Jordan has a reputation of being remarkably open with fans, even though he typically sticks to promoting his films on social media.

While he was shooting “Creed II” at Temple University this past summer, he took photos with a student who DMed him on Instagram. He also met the teenager who took a cardboard cutout of him to prom, admitted he’s hooked up with fans he’s met on social media, and offered to replace a fan’s retainer after she said she snapped it while seeing him shirtless in “Black Panther.”

He also acknowledged Babalola’s stunt himself on Twitter Thursday.

“Great meeting you (for the second time),” he wrote.

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