Five Reasons Microsoft Need Not Fear Google OS


Google might have forayed into Microsoft’s turf with Google OS, but Redmond has no reason to fear, says PaidContent.

At least, it has five reasons not to fear Google:

  • Windows 7 is Not Vista: Windows 7 will be at least nine months old by the time Google OS is released.
  • Microsoft is working on its own browser-based OS: Microsoft is developing its new browser, Gazelle, that will be more capable of running Web apps.
  • Google will be busy competing with Ubuntu: Since Chrome OS is open-source and runs on Linux, it competes more with Ubuntu, rather than Windows. So, while Google fights Ubuntu, Microsoft can catch a break.
  • Fully web-based Chrome OS cannot run Windows apps: Unless more people start using Web-based applications, this could be an adoption-barrier for Chrome OS.
  • Google has not succeeded against Microsoft in the past. Examples: Google Docs vs Office and Chrome vs IE.

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Image: michuperu

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