A car was left dangling over the side of a parking garage in Florida after its driver crashed through the wire barrier

Local 10A car was left dangling over the side of a parking garage in Miami Springs, Florida after its driver drove through the wide barrier.
  • Miami-Dade Firefighters rescued a woman who became trapped in a car dangling over the edge of a parking garage in Miami Springs, Florida on Thursday.
  • It’s unclear what caused the woman to drive through the wire barrier and over the side of the garage from the second story.
  • Several emergency vehicles helped anchor the SUV while the unidentified woman was pulled out to safety.
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A woman had to be rescued from her SUV on Thursday, when she drove it over the side of a parking garage and was left dangling precariously from the second floor.

It’s unclear how or why the driver went through the wire barrier of the parking garage in Miami Springs, but people at a nearby medical school spotted the dangling car around 4 p.m. and called police, according to Local 10.

Emergency responders showed up at the scene and anchored the vehicle while firefighters worked to pull the woman out of the car.

Dangling car 3Local 10A firefighter is seen hugging the driver after she was pulled from the car on Thursday.

About an hour-and-a-half later, the unidentified female driver was back on solid ground, CBS Miami reported. Though she was clearly shaken, she was not injured.

The car was then slowly lowered to the ground and towed.

Investigators are now looking into what caused the incident in the first place.

Battalion Chief Danny Cardeso told Local 10 that the driver “did not say exactly how it happened.”

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