The Miami Heat Are Completely Falling Apart

dwyane wade sad on the bench

Photo: ESPN

The Miami Heat are on the verge of another awful collapse.They’re down 2-1 against the Pacers, and they’ve completely lost their way.

We pulled out some insane stats that show you just how epically the team is falling apart right now.

They include Dwyane Wade’s career-worst shooting, and LeBron’s choke jobs from the free-throw line.

It’s really, really bad for the one-time juggernaut right now.

They are 5/41 from three-point range in this series. That's 12%

Dwyane Wade is shooting 17% on jump shots in this series. That's unreal

Source: Tom Haberstroh

Wade's average stats this series: 19 ppg on 6/19 shooting, and 3.3 turnovers per game

On wide open jump shots, the Heat are 3-19 (13.6%) in this series

LeBron is still playing well (27 ppg, 10 rpg, 4 apg). But he had to take four more shots per game (23) than he did in the regular season (19)

They started Dexter Pittman last night. Pittman had started five games in his career, and averaged 8.6 minutes per game this year

They've been out-rebounded by more than 10 boards in each of the last two games. That only happened 9 times in the 71 games before that

Since LeBron joined the Heat, Miami has scored 75 or less points in five games. Two of those games have come in the last three days

The Pacers are fouling Miami like crazy. The Heat have shot 28 free-throws per game in this series, but...

... They're only shooting 72%.

The Pacers are even taunting them about it

History says they're toast, teams up 2-1 almost always seal the deal

Who knew Chris Bosh was such a key piece? The Heat have gone in the tank since he got hurt in Game 1

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