Check Out The Heat's Epic $147,000 NBA Championship Celebration

LeBron James celebrates Miami Heat NBA Championship

Photo: YouTube

The Miami Heat championship party got started shortly after they crushed OKC Thursday night.After some big hugs, wide smiles and trophy hugging on the court the championship crew showered in champagne in the locker room and headed to Club LIV near Miami Beach for an all-night palooza.

The final tab on the epic party was a cool $147,000 ($30,000 more than what the Dallas Mavericks spent on their championship party last year at the same venue), according to reports.

LeBron was seen drinking out of a $75,000 Ace of Spades champagne bottle.

And if you were just some regular schmuck trying to get in on the festivities, the cover charge burned a $1,000 hole in your wallet.

And once the clock struck zero, it was on. Here's LeBron hugging his mum

Erik Spoelstra looking like a little kid at a candy store with his goofy backwards hat

Everyone reaching for the championship trophy

Dwyane Wade leading the cheers...

...and using the Larry O'Brien trophy as a mirror

Then it was off to the locker room, where Chris Bosh donned some stylish shades

D-Wade's actress girlfriend Gabrielle Union was psyched

This was the scene outside American Airlines Arena

Fans honked, hooted and hollered their way through the streets of Miami

LeBron's epic vampire, self portrait t-shirt and rapping skills brought the house down at Club LIV

Here's what the celebration looked like from the crowd's perspective

D-Wade shooting smoke into the crowd

...and with the customary celebratory cigar

Miami's Big 3 finally got their rings

Now see some of Miami's championship cigar options...

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