Chris Bosh Says Dwyane Wade Should Take Last Second Shot, NOT LeBron

Lebron James crying

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It’s kind of a rough day to be LeBron James.First, all everyone wants to talk about is his once again dormant state during the fourth quarter after last night’s loss to the Los Angeles Clippers. Then he gets reprimanded by his Twitter followers for a minor spelling mishap. And now he’s basically being told to play second fiddle to Dwyane Wade by one of his own teammates. Ouch!

That’s what Chris Bosh did in a recent interview with GQ (via The Basketball Jones).

GQ: Quick hypothetical, toes aside: Let’s say the game was tied. 10 seconds left. You had 30 points, LeBron’s got 30, and Wade’s got 30. You got the same amount of rebounds, same amount of assists—having the same great game. Who takes the shot at the end to either win or loose the game.
Chris Bosh: [immediately] Dwyane.

GQ: Why?
Chris Bosh: Because of his success in the past, given what he’s done. He’s a champ. He’s an MVP, and he’s hit a bunch of last-second shots. That’s the time you have to put pride aside a little bit, and do what’s best for the team. He’s quickest, and he’s gonna get a shot off. He relishes those moments.

Immediately comes up with “Dwyane” answer? Well, at least Bosh is in agreement with almost everyone else out there.