Miami Heat Players Stupidly Calling Themselves "The Heatles"

LeBron Dwyane Wade Miami Heat NBA

When LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade in Miami, you’d think they would have been at least a little aware of how people would perceive them.

That’s been anything but the case as the trio, especially LeBron, has made one disastrous PR move after another as the season has progressed.

The most recent eyebrow raising headline came Monday night when LeBron told reporters that his teammates often refer to themselves as “The Heatles” because they constantly sell out arenas when they hit the road.

What the Heat players call themselves is their business — and honestly that nickname is kind of amusing, —but these guys have turned into such villains that acts like this don’t go over well with most folks. 

The Beatles were beloved, but until they start acting a little more humble, “The Heatles” will be hated. 

Despite all that, LeBron is still an MVP candidate >

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