Watch A 6-Year-Old Miami Heat Hater Completely Melt Down After The Thunder Lose Game 3

Even America’s children hate the Miami Heat.

Here’s a video that’s being passed around this morning of a six year old slowly declining into hysteria at the end of the Game 3.

There’s something cruel about parents filming their child as he’s in wallowing in emotional distress … but the video itself is hilarious.

The best part comes when his mum asks him why he hates LeBron, and he says through his tears, “I don’t know.”

We highly recommend watching the entire thing. But it’s a slow burn, so here are the highlights:

(0:18) — “Bosh isn’t making this, NOOO.”

(1:20-1:47) — mum: “Why are you crying?” Boy: “I hate Miami!”

(2:40-3:09) — [amazing LeBron James tirade] “I hate him! I used to like him but I hate him!”

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