The Heat Keep Losing, And There's No Solution In Sight

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Though nobody was talking about it at the time, the Miami Heat took a huge risk when they signed the Big Three last July.  By signing three players to huge deals, the Heat left themselves precious little wiggle room with which to add other pieces.When Miami signed Mike Miller and a host of other veterans to below market value deals, many thought Miami was set because players nearing the ends of their careers appeared willing to join the Heat at a discount rate in exchange for a championship run.

Veterans are certainly interested in playing for the Heat, but none of them have been much help on the court.  As the season has worn on, it has become abundantly clear that Miami is desperate for a couple other pieces to the puzzle.  Miller has underwhelmed, so the Heat could use a marksmen wing to spread the floor.  They also need more interior presence, and they’re still not getting much from the point guard position.

Unfortunately for the Heat, that isn’t likely to change very soon.  When Boston eventually succumbs to age, the Heat will be left to compete with the Chicago Bulls and possibly the New York Knicks for control of the Eastern Conference.  But those two teams have the flexibility to do some tinkering, while Miami’s core roster won’t change much.

Sure, they’ll replace some of their minimum veterans with other minimum veterans each offseason, but their problems will remain the same.  If the Heat plan to win “championships” it will be because the Big Three have dramatically altered their play, and not because of a roster overhaul.  That’s bad news for a team that is already showing major chemistry issues part way through year one.

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