13 Reasons Why Miami Heat Fans Are The Absolute Worst

rihanna miami heat fan

A bunch of Miami Heat fans left Game 6 of the NBA Finals last night with 30 seconds left in regulation.

They missed one of the all-time great finishes.

Miami fans are constantly doing things like this, and they take a ton of heat for it.

1. They left Game 6 with 30 seconds left!

2. They didn't know how to spell Dwyane Wade's name until 2010.

3. They try to start fights with players.

4. Nobody went to their games before LeBron showed up.

5. They can't be bothered to stay in their seats during an EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS game.

6. They wear sunglasses indoors.

7. They dress their infants as Birdman against their will.

8. They're bandwagoners.

10. They wear sunglasses they can't see out of.

11. They don't show up until the 2nd quarter.

12. They're trying to start a Giant Ring Hat trend.

13. They can't stop accessorizing.

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