The New Miami Dolphins Credo Is Clearly Inspired By The US Army

In an attempt to move past a bullying scandal that hit the Miami Dolphins football team last year, the organisation has printed new t-shirts emblazoned with a new “credo” that pledges professionalism and respect amongst the players, The Palm Beach Post reports.

“If you go around any locker room, they will have all the mantras and the sayings,” defensive end Cameron Wake told NBC Sports. “From my experience, it’s been coach-driven, what they want the team statement to be. He said it should come from you guys. We sat down as a group of men, teammates, brothers and came up with a group of statements about what the Dolphins are and should be.”

What they “came up with” is very similar to the “Soldier’s Creed” which the U.S. Army adopted in 2003. SB Nation writer Kevin Nogle said it “parallels” the creed, though most other reports say the players came together to write it all by themselves.

“I thought they did a good job. I thought they gave some consideration and some thought to it and I think it’s good,” Head Coach Joe Philbin told the AP. “Probably ‘I’m a professional,’ is one of them I like. But I think I like them all. They’re all good, but that one sticks to me.”

Some people commenting on the NBC Sports article, however, are blasting it as a “rip-off.” However it’s characterised, the credo goes far beyond similarities.

Here is the side-by-side (emphasis added):

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