330-pound NFL lineman has a great answer for why he wants to become an Uber driver

A.J. Francis is a 6-foot-5, 330-pound defensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins, and he wants to be an Uber driver.

Francis first announced on his Twitter account that he had applied to be an Uber driver. Later, Francis told Jason Molinet of the Daily News that has been using the service for two years and every driver he talks to says “it really helps supplement their income.”

The third-year pro also told Molinet that he has always worked odd jobs in his spare time. However, it was Francis’ explanation on Twitter for why he wants to be an Uber driver that was fantastic.

As an undrafted player out of Maryland in 2013, Francis has not made a lot of money by NFL standards. Last year he made $US318,000 and in his career his earnings are about $US445,000, according to Spotrac.com.

However, he does have a new Dodger Charger and is smart enough to realise that there are few guarantees in the cutthroat world of the NFL.

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