Original Miami Cannibal Wasn't On The Crazy Drug 'Bath Salts' When He Ate A Man's Face: Report

Rudy Eugene MugshotMugshot of Rudy Eugene, the Florida man who was shot after he wouldn’t stop eating the face off of a homeless man.

A recently released toxicology report for the cannibal who ate a homeless man’s face over Memorial Day weekend found nothing other than marijuana in his system.The report, done by a private outside toxicology firm, blasts a hole in investigators’ theory that Rudy Eugene was high on a street drug known as bath salts when he attacked Ronald Poppo, according to the New York Daily News.

Police originally believed Eugene was under the influence of bath salts, a synthetic drug with a reputation for giving users super human strength.

Their theory seemed to be supported by autopsy results that found a number of unidentified pills in Eugene’s stomach.

No explanation has been given for the pills, the Daily News reported, leaving police to continue searching for clues about what caused the attack.

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