Seven Miami Bankers Fight 1,000 Pound Shark For 4 Hours, Kill It, And Split Up The Meat

A group of 6 bankers from Ocean Bank caught “the fish of a lifetime” while fishing off the Miami shore this weekend: a 1000-pound 12-foot Mako shark! 

The trip was meant to be a casual alumni trip and fishing competition for graduates of the Florida International University. Then the 7 man team from Ocean Bank saw a dorsal fin circling their boat.

“Somebody video this!” One yelled as it caught his line.

The video (embedded below) of the men wrestling the shark is awesome. The 1000-pounder violently slashes its body around, but the 7 men, who took turns fighting the beast, kept it hooked for 4 hours.

“It jumped out of the water about 10 feet,” says one. 

“There were times when I thought it would break our line; break our will,” says another.

They killed it after 4 hours. The men split up the shark meat and sent its jaws to a taxidermist.

Scroll down for more pics from the trip.

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The Ocean Bankers
Oscar Fernandez

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