M.I.A. Slams The NFL For Trying To Make Her Pay $US1.5 Million For That Super Bowl Middle Finger

The NFL is suing singer M.I.A. for flashing the middle finger during the Super Bowl halftime show two years ago.

She wasn’t paid for the performance, but the NFL is still suing her for $US1.5 million for breach of contract. The league is arguing that she knowingly violated her contract by undermining the “reputation for wholesomeness enjoyed by the NFL.”

In an interview that popped up on YouTube today (via Deadspin), she slammed the league and called the lawsuit an attempt to storm-arm her into publicly apologizing, something she characterised as “powerful corporation d***-shaking.”

She also touched on the simple reason why the lawsuit is so silly — the middle finger isn’t that big of a deal, especially considering how oversexualized the halftime show has become.

Here’s her entire video, in which she is wearing an L.A. Raiders sweatshirt:

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