World's Biggest Apple Fanboy, MG Siegler, Joins Google Ventures, Ditches Mike Arrington's CrunchFund

One of the world’s biggest Apple fanboys is joining Google.

MG Siegler, the tech journalist turned VC, is leaving the CrunchFund for Google Ventures.

He announced the move on his personal blog.

Here’s his explanation of the move:

I’ve been talking with the Google Ventures team for a few months now. After getting to know the partners and hearing the vision for the fund laid out by managing partner Bill Maris, it became clear that this would ultimately be a perfect fit.

Google Ventures sits in a truly unique space within the venture capital industry. They have the resources to make investments at any stage, but more importantly, they have the talent and knowledge required to do so. The partnership is brimming with experience when it comes to starting companies, building products, and scaling. 

The firm also has teams in place to help with basically everything an entrepreneur could ever need. These are the highest calibre people in their respective fields all working under one roof to help the portfolio.

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