A 7.1-magnitude earthquake has hit Mexico, and people are posting terrifying photos and videos on social media

Mexico earthquakeUSGSA 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck near Mexico City on Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

A major earthquake rattled Mexico on Tuesday, and the damage appears to be severe.

The US Geological Survey pegged the event as a 7.1-magnitude quake that originated about 100 miles southeast of Mexico City. Dramatic shaking appears to have been felt throughout the major metropolitan area, which is home to roughly 9 million people.

Based on the location and force of the quake, plus the size of the local population, the USGS’ earliest estimates suggest there will likely be between 100 and 1,000 fatalities. The economic impact, meanwhile, may be between $US100 million and $US1 billion, according to the USGS.

Social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms are posting photos and videos that allegedly show the disaster and its aftermath. These and other posts have not yet been verified by Business Insider to be authentic, but many appear to show fractured roadways, collapsing buildings, and explosions caused by the quake in Mexico City.

Here are some of the most striking examples so far. In many of the videos, a punctuated drone can be heard in the background. This is likely the city’s earthquake alert system, which gives people roughly 60 to 90 seconds to scramble to a safe place.

Some videos show buildings swaying.

While others show pieces of concrete and other material falling.

Several videos, however, show entire buildings collapsing.


Others appear to show the earthquake happening from inside office buildings.

Footage of fires and explosions that allege to show Mexico City were also posted to Twitter and other sites, but details about the situation are still emerging.

This is a developing story.

via @KeithWalkerNews, images: @AlertaChiapas: Buildings rock back and forth as the earthquake strikes Mexico City. pic.twitter.com/TFjQExGb4P
— Justin Hendrix (@justinhendrix) September 19, 2017

Así se desploma edifico del Servicio Nacional de Empleo en #CDMX tras #Sismo #ImágenesFuertes pic.twitter.com/ECrJnn28VM
— Guanajuato Informa (@GtoInforma) September 19, 2017

#NSSxMinuto.Reportan fuertes daños en la ciudad de México; cae un edificio tras el sismo de este martes. pic.twitter.com/VXBKmkN6Hv
— NSS Oaxaca (@nssoaxaca) September 19, 2017

#HolyCrap #MexicoCity During 7.4 Earthquake

Prayers go out to our friends in Mexico City#StaySafepic.twitter.com/uiOocCgOsT
— ???????? Joe Schmoe???????? (@US_Citizen_Joe) September 19, 2017

Terrifying video from inside the @Milenio newsroom during the earthquake in Mexico. #WBZ pic.twitter.com/OplWRF4hBp
— Liam Martin (@LiamWBZ) September 19, 2017

URGENTE VIDEO – Impresionante explosión en México Central tras el poderoso sismo de 7,1 de magnitud. Video cortesía #19Sep pic.twitter.com/FEq9GtvNHq
— Alberto Rodríguez (@AlbertoRT51) September 19, 2017

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