Mexico's gun buyback program has been flooded with these homemade firearms

Homemade Mexican firearmwww.thefirearmblog.comA pile of homemade guns

A gun buyback program in place in Mexico has resulted in civilians turning over some strange weapons to the authorities.

According to The Fire Arm Blog, a recent guns-for-cash-and-food trade-in program saw a number of citizens turning in homemade firearms of varying quality.

Mexico’s firearm buyback program has been expanding throughout the country since at least 2013 in an attempt to reduce violent crime in the country and pull weapons off the streets.

The majority of guns in Mexico are acquired illegally, NPR reports, and exchange programs allow a way for people to turn in weapons without fear of arrest or prosecution. But the original intent of the program may have been lost as entrepreneurs use the buybacks as a way to make money.

Although the majority of the homemade weapons which were turned in were not of high quality, the prevalence of personally crafted firearms highlights how easily guns can be made, even if they’re of wildly varying quality. For example, the Jalisco New Generation Drug Cartel, Mexico’s fastest-growin
g drug-trafficking organisation, has manufactured their own AR-15 assault rifles.

Below are photos of some of the more interesting homemade firearms that were recently turned over to the Mexican authorities. All are used with permission, courtesy of The Fire Arm Blog.

Among the weapons turned over were a handful of zip guns of questionable quality.

The relinquished guns also included .22lr machine pistols.

A homemade submachine gun of Filipino design was also traded in.

Among the haul was also an intricately made .22lr revolving rifle.

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