Corrupt Mexican Police Killed Three Fellow Officers In A Brutal Mexico City Airport Shoot Out

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Photo: MSNBC

Three Mexican federal police officers died in a shootout with two other officers who were suspected of drug trafficking at International Airport of Mexico Cityon Monday, El Universal reports.The three officers of the Research Unit of the Federal Police were carrying out an operation to catch two agents who were assigned to airport security but identified as drug traffickers (allegedly for the notorious Sinoloa cartel).

The deadly shooting took place at the food court as the two suspected officers tried to evade arrest. The shooters have been identified but have not been captured, according to a statement by the federal Public Safety Department.

An American missionary who has lived near Mexico City for four years told the Associated Press that he was surprised “to see it happening at the airport. It’s one of the safest places in the city.”

Mexico City has relatively low murder rates compared to the rest of the country — where drug violence has killed around 55,000 people in the past six years — but gang-related killings have been on the rise with more than 300 recorded last year.

Reuters reports that 440lbs of cocaine has been seized at the capital’s main airport so far this year, which is double the amount taken there last year.

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