Mexican Army Discovers Two More Drug-Smuggling Tunnels Into The US

drug tunnelMore than 70 passages have been found on the border since October 2008.

Photo: AP

Mexican authorities have discovered two more tunnels connecting the U.S. and Mexico along with tons of drugs, as reported by Elliot Spagat and Jacques Billeaud of Associated Press.That makes three tunnels, all with lighting and ventilation, found in the past week. A few days ago we covered the elaborate tunnel that linked a water business in the Mexican state of Sonora to a vacant strip mall storefront in San Luis, Arizona.

Authorities came across the Arizona tunnel, which cost an estimated $1.5 million to build, after state police pulled over a man who had 39 pounds of methamphetamine in the bed of his pick-up truck.

The new tunnels were both on the Tijuana-San Diego border and incomplete.

One was found on Wednesday about 30 feet below a sink in a building advertised as a recycling plant. The dirt-lined walls of the 150-yard tunnel were wide enough for one person to get through comfortably.

The other was found on Thursday in a Tijuana warehouse with four moving trucks filled with more than 40 tons of marijuana as well as a trailer filled with dirt and excavation equipment. The passage had a railcar system and extended nearly 400 yards, including more than 100 yards into the United States.

The Mexican army said three people were detained.

U.S. customs officials have been confiscating tons of drugs in nondescript warehouses that serve as a cover for the underground operations. The tunnels take six months to a year to build as workers dig and sleep in the buildings that the passages begin.

In December 2009 authorities located an incomplete tunnel stretching nearly 900 feet into San Diego from Tijuana that was equipped with an elevator at the Mexican entrance.

Here is a video of the of the “recycling plant” tunnel from Tijuana to San Diego:

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