Metta World Peace Talked About Foreign Exchange Rates In One Of His Best Interviews Ever

Metta World Peace

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In case you haven’t noticed, or simply don’t follow him on Twitter, Metta World Peace has been in Canada the last couple of weeks.Recently, Metta spoke to a blogger in Vancouver about his time there.

The conversation ranged from how much he likes the city, to how his offseason is going and what he thinks of the NBA Finals between Miami and Oklahoma City.

But at one point the interviewer asked World Peace how he felt about the prospects of an NBA team returning to Vancouver. (The Vancouver Grizzlies left for Memphis in 2001.)

Q: Do you think Vancouver could support another NBA team? 

MWP: Easily, ya.

Q: Do you think it would work out better the second time around? 

MWP: I think so, I think the dollar is up. Before the dollar was down at about 60 cents and now it’s at about 90 something cents. Now is the perfect time for an NBA team to come back to Vancouver. (At the time of this interview the Canadian dollar was at  97.45 US)

We’re pretty sure Vancouver wasn’t a viable NBA city for a bunch of reasons, but OK sure the dollar is up so let’s bring back a team.

Thanks Metta. You’re the best.

Oh, and lest we forget who we’re talking about here, Metta ended the interview in classic Metta fashion:

A shout out to all the females we love you!!

Good stuff.

Read the rest of the interview and see what Metta had to say about James Harden, playing “hood” basketball, and the media