One Of The Craziest Athletes In America Has Written A Book Of Children's Bedtime Stories

Metta World Peace rubs James Harden's head

Metta World Peace (née Ron Artest) has authored a book of bedtime stories that is now available on, and will soon be available on

World Peace is still best known for charging into the stands and fighting with fans in Detroit. And on the court, he still occasionally loses his mind, like when he elbowed James Harden in the head.

But off the court, World Peace has been active in charities involved with helping children with mental illnesses, even receiving the NBA’s citizenship award in 2011. And some of the proceeds from the sales of this book will also go to support mental health charities as well The Artest Foundation, which promotes non-violence among inner-city youth.

The 34-page book is for “all children, families, and educators” according to the listing at Amazon and sells for $12.95. The five stories in the book are titled “I’m Afraid of the Dark,” “Mud in My Bed,” “One wish,” “Reach for the sky,” and “Tomorrow.”

Here is the cover for the book (via…

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