Mets players are obsessed with a super-addicting trivia game that's topped the App Store charts

“A significant portion” of the New York Mets is hooked on an app called Trivia Crack, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Trivia Crack, created by an Argentina-based mobile-games studio called Etermax and released last fall, looks a little like a digitized version of Trivial Pursuit.

We discovered the app — and became obsessed with it ourselves — back in December. It looks like we weren’t the only ones.

A bunch of Mets players, including prospects Matt Bowman, Kevin Plawecki, Brandon Nimmo and Matt Reynolds all play the game, in which users pin a big wheel to answer trivia questions in six categories — entertainment, art, sports, history, science, geography — written by other users. For each question, you have 30 seconds to select an answer from four choices.

Bowman “described the game as ‘the millennial version of crosswords,’ a long-standing pastime in baseball clubhouses,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

Trivia CrackEtermaxHere’s what Trivia Crack looks like.

As long as you keep answering questions correctly, you keep playing. After every three questions you answer correctly, you get a chance to win a “character” piece from any of the six categories. When you answer a question wrong, it’s your opponent’s turn.

You can challenge your opponent to steal their character pieces too. The goal of the game is to collect all six character pieces before your opponent does. The questions in the game are pretty reminiscent of Trivia Pursuit — some are hard, some are softball questions, but most are somewhere in the middle.

Trivia crackMaya Kosoff/Business InsiderA Trivia Crack question.

The most appealing thing about Trivia Crack is how social the game requires you to be. If you neglect the app for two days, you automatically lose any games you were playing. You can join games with multiple opponents, and the app has a chat feature so you can talk to the person you’re playing.

“Right now we have 20 million daily active users,” Maximo Cavazzani, CEO of Etermax, told Business Insider in January. “We now have more than 100 million registered users.”

Check out the Wall Street Journal’s full story on Mets players obsessed with Trivia Crack here.

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