Matt Harvey's partying lifestyle is beginning to alienate the Mets' general manager and even some Mets teammates

Rich Schultz/Getty ImagesMatt Harvey’s poor start to the season has seen him relegated to the New York Mets bullpen.
  • New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey was out at a club the night before a game he pitched in, just the latest example of Harvey’s love of partying.
  • It appears people within the Mets organisation are getting tired of Harvey’s lifestyle.
  • Harvey has struggled on the mound this year and was even pulled from the starting rotation.

One-time New York Mets ace pitcher Matt Harvey has had an abysmal start to the 2018 season, having lost his spot in the Mets’ starting rotation. In addition to his struggles on the mound, Harvey’s off-the-pitch lifestyle, in particular, his love of late nights and partying, appears to be wearing thin with the Mets’ front office and even in the locker room.

Page Six recently reported that Harvey had been out partying in Los Angeles the night before he came in as a relief pitcher in a game against the Dodgers on Friday, a report that led to a telling response from the Mets’ general manager.

Furthermore, according to Mike Puma of the New York Post, one Mets’ player said of Harvey’s antics, “It’s just, what are you doing?”

Harvey’s party boy lifestyle has been well documented for some time now, and last year Page Six reported that Harvey was out partying in New York City the night before he failed to show up to Citi Field for a game.

In fairness to Harvey, it is impossible to say how much, if any, of his struggles on the mound are due to his lifestyle, as he has suffered some injuries over the years. Still, given that Harvey is in the last year of his contract with the Mets, it would be prudent on his part to quit doing activities that might upset the team, or otherwise contribute to negative perceptions of his character that other teams might have developed.

It is a sad decline for Harvey, a player who once looked the present and future of the Mets organisation.

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