3rd graders write adorable letters to the Mets begging for a win so they can get out of doing homework

In case you haven’t been keeping up with America’s favourite pastime lately, Thursday night the Los Angeles Dodgers will face the New York Mets in game five of the National League Division Series. 

It’s a big one.

The winner will advance to play the Chicago Cubs in the National League Championship Series. 

Now, the Mets are getting a little spirit boost from some of their younger fans, letters posted on Twitter from a class of third graders from Queens, New York. 

Here’s a look at some of the letters. 

“I hope you tell yourself to be positive, aggressive, and play hard,” writes one student. “My family and I are fans, so I will try to stay up as late as I could to watch you play.”

Some of these young fans are true believers in the men in orange and blue. 

“I am confident and sure that you can score 10 home runs against those stinking Dodgers,” writes another.

Here are a few more of the letters. 

Upon closer reading, it seems the kids might have had a little inducement in writing their letters. Looks like their teacher, Mr. Lazarus, is a pretty big Mets fan. 

“My teacher said there will be no homework if you awesome people win,” explains one student. 

Still, the letters are totally adorable. 

“All of our class is positive that you can win,” writes another third grader. “We want our prize and we want you to get yours.”

The Mets have taken notice of the letters too. 

“Thanks for the support,” the team tweeted on Thursday. 


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