Nintendo’s most anticipated game failed to meet the company’s standards, so now they’re starting over from scratch

Nintendo first announced ‘Metroid Prime 4’ at the E3 Expo in June 2017. Nintendo
  • Nintendo Senior Executive Shinya Takahashi announced that “Metroid Prime 4” will restart development, delaying the game as a result.
  • Takahashi said “Metroid Prime 4” failed to meet Nintendo’s standards for quality.
  • “Metroid Prime 4” was first announced in June 2017 at E3, but Nintendo never showed any footage from the game.
  • Nintendo has hired Retro Studios, the team behind the original “Metroid Prime Trilogy,” to help build a new version of “Metroid Prime 4” from the ground up.

Nintendo’s biggest upcoming game has just been delayed indefinitely after failing to meet the company’s own standards for quality. In an announcement shared on YouTube, Nintendo senior executive Shinya Takahashi said that the Nintendo Switch exclusive “Metroid Prime 4” will restart development and the game will be rebuilt from the ground up.

Takahashi said the game failed to meet the company’s standards for a “Metroid Prime” sequel and Nintendo didn’t want to disappoint fans with a lacklustre release. The company will hire Retro Studios, the development team behind the original Metroid Trilogy, to help “Metroid Prime 4” producer Kensuke Tanabe rebuild the game from the ground up.

In June 2017, “Metroid Prime 4” was Nintendo’s premiere announcement during the year’s largest gaming conference. Fans have been anticipating a sequel for more than a decade; “Metroid Prime 3” came out in August 2007, and 2010’s “Metroid: Other M” spin-off was largely a disappointment.

Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii)
The original ‘Metroid Prime Trilogy’ was well-received by fans. Nintendo

Now that “Metroid Prime 4” has effectively been cancelled and restarted from the beginning, the game’s release has been delayed indefinitely. Takahashi said it will be some time before there are any more updates.

“Metroid Prime 4” was one of the most-anticipated releases for Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch. Despite the delay, fans do have at least a few more upcoming Nintendo games to look forward to, like “Yoshi’s Crafted World,” “Fire Emblem: Three Houses,” and a new “Animal Crossing” game.