Watch One Of The Most Controversial Stadium Features In American Sports Get Blown To Smithereens

The Metrodome in Minneapolis was birthed in 1982, at the tale end of the worst periods in American sports stadium history.

While not quite as controversial as Houston’s Astrodome, the Metrodome — named after Hubert H. Humphrey, one of the country’s lamest politicians — was a nightmare to play in. The late Hall of Fame Royals pitcher Dan Quisenberry once said of it, “I don’t think there are any good uses for nuclear weapons, but then, this may be one.”

Most of that ire was directed toward its roof.

Among the roof’s crimes:

1) The roof was stunningly white. You know what else is white? Baseballs. As a result, a high pop fly in the outfield was often as good as a hit, as outfielders would lose all sight of it.

2) Perhaps to even things about it, a Metrodme groundskeeper confirmed a longtime rumour among opposing players: that the groundscrew would turn up the roof’s inflation blowers when the Twins were at bat to help the ball carry further.

3) The roof recently sprung a gargantuan leak, confirming everyone’s instinct that it had to go.

Anyway, a new stadium for the Vikings is under construction demolition the rest of the roof — also known as “The Twinkie Dome” by — was detonated into oblivion. It starts 45 seconds in and is awesome.

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