QUIZ: Can You Name These 13 Cities From Their Metro Maps?

Moscow metro MapMoscow MetroThis looks complicated…

Many cities have underground railway lines, but no single network of stations and subterranean tunnels is the same.

See if you can name these world cities just by looking at their metro map (HINT: many of the answers are capital cities).

HINT: The Piccadilly line.

It's London!

HINT: A white building with a dome.

It's Washington DC!

HINT: A museum dedicated to pasta.

It's Rome.

HINT: This city is on the sea.

Rio de Janeiro.

HINT: The birthplace of John F. Kennedy.

It's Boston.

HINT: It's in northern Europe.

It's Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

HINT: The river Clyde.

It's Glasgow (the underground is just a single circle line)

HINT: The 1992 host of the Olympics.


HINT: The city airport is dedicated to Atatürk.

It's Istanbul.

HINT: It's one of the largest metro networks in the world.

It's Moscow.

HINT: The world's second-largest French-speaking city.

It's Montreal.

HINT: Texas.

Ok, we admit this one was hard. But the answer is Dallas.

HINT: The stations are labelled in two languages.

It's Brussels, the capital of Belgium, where stations are named both in Flemish and French. Well done!

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