Meth-Addled Aliens Robbing Banks In Tulsa

tulsa alien robber

The nation’s banking system has enough problems. It doesn’t need meth-addled aliens from outer space sticking up innocent bank tellers, jumping in their UFOs and taking the dollars into the heavens. Yet that is apparently what’s happening in Tulsa, OK.

This week, the fair midwestern city suffered its 15th bank robbery already this year, continuing a rapid pace that started last year. It’s a sad and combustive mix of the bad economy and meth addiction that’s fueling it all.

Tulsa World has an excellent database of where and when each robbery occurred, but even better is that a local TV station has put up pictures of each robbery including the one, which is, well, OBVIOUSLY an alien.

If that were the other one, then it’d just be a freak incident, but on April 18th there was this guy. If you see either one you should alert the authorities, though we suspect they’re both long disappeared into space.

tulsa alien robber

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