A meteorologist had the perfect response to a sexist letter from a viewer

MeterologistFacebook/Meteorologist Jeriann RitterJeriann Ritter, left, and the note she received.

Iowa meteorologist Jeriann Ritter is used to getting public feedback — that’s part of her job. But a nasty, sexist letter she received in the mail this week was a bit more intense than usual. 

The letter, addressed to Ritter and one of her female coworkers, is riddled with attacks on the women’s hairstyles and clothing choices.

“What have you gals done with your hair??? Do NOT let it grow,” the anonymous writer implores. “Do NOT wear sleeveless tops for any of the gals…Let’s see you gals look as professional as all of the guys on your station.”

Ritter told INSIDER that it wasn’t the mean comments in the letter that bothered her: It was the fact that the writer was too cowardly to sign his or her name.

“I have pretty thick skin. It doesn’t really phase me,” she explained. “My whole point is, if you’re going to give somebody feedback, sign your name. That’s the biggest issue I had.”

So Ritter decided to post a photo of the letter on Facebook with a subtle but biting caption: “I would appreciate your name and address. I want to thank you for all the helpful suggestions.”

PostbyMeteorologist Jeriann Ritter.

The post has generated hundreds of supportive comments.

“I’m so sorry that someone was shallow enough, hateful enough and hurtful enough to send you this idiotic letter,” one commenter wrote. “These viewers need to get a hobby.”

“Obviously they know how idiotic they sound, otherwise they would have signed their name,” another wrote. 

Ritter told INSIDER that this is actually the fourth time the station has received a letter like this  —  each one has been delivered without a return address but appears to be authored by the same person. 

So far, though, the anonymous complainer hasn’t stepped up to reveal his or her identity (or, better yet, offer an apology). We’ll update this post if that happens.

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