Meteorologist Gets The Hiccups On Live TV, Finishes A 3-Minute Weather Report Anyway

weather guy hiccups

A major case of the hiccups struck at the worst possible time for Houston-area meteorologist David Paul.

At the very beginning of a lengthy weather report earlier this week, Paul started hiccuping and couldn’t stop. 

The hiccups got progressively worse, but Paul fought through them and finished the report.

“I have the hiccups, of course this would happen right when we have heavy weather,” he says toward the beginning of the report, before toughing it for an addition 2 minutes, 30 seconds.

Here’s the video from Deadspin (more below):

Hiccups can be caused by all kinds of things.

WebMD says eating too quickly, drinking too quickly, swallowing too much air, smoking, a sudden change in stomach temperature, and stress can all lead to the hiccups.

The storm Paul was talking about did seem to be fairly severe, so maybe he was working all day and stressed to present his forecast?

Either way, he did a great job, and the hiccups went away in the three minutes it took him to finish the report.

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