Crazy Images Of The Meteor That Exploded Over Russia

Russian meteorite

Photo: AP

The Russian city of Chelyabinsk was rocked today as it was hit by what appears to have been a meteorite weighing up to 11 tons.At least 400 people have been reported injured, and the photos from the scene paint a crazy picture.

Given the abundance of mobile phones and dash-cams in Russia, the meteor and its aftermath is extremely well documented.

A huge streak could be seen across the sky on Friday morning.

This photo, taken with a mobile phone, gives a close up.

The city of Chelyabinsk is some 930 miles east of Moscow.

The meteor is believed to have shattered some 18 and 32 miles above the ground.

Here's one of the many images caught on a dash-cam, commonly owned in Russia. It shows the meteor as it explodes into a fireball.

There are reports of a 150 mile sonic boom.

This video shows both the streak across the sky and damage on the ground.

In this video you can hear a large explosion, which may be the sound of impact (around 1.10 in)

This zinc factory saw its roof collapse.

The roof was reportedly 6,000 square feet big.

Many windows have been blown out.

This window was almost blown off its hinges.

This video shows what the blast was like inside buildings. You can clearly see the windows being blown out.

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