Metal Cutlery Is Making A Come Back To Australian Planes: Airport Security Is Reviewing Banned Items

Since the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001 there’s been a slew of items prohibited from being brought onto planes.

However, a review into airport security may see the list of banned items reduced.

During the Australian Airports Association’s national conference, executive director of the Office of Transport Security, Sachi Wimmer, said people may be permitted to carry small scissors with blades of 6cm or less, metal cutlery with rounded ends and other small tools on flights, the SMH reported.

She said a relaxation on items such as these would provide airport security more time and freedom to search for greater risks.

“We really need to focus our activities on areas of highest security risk. Our challenge is ensuring security outcomes are maintained and dealing with the perception they might not be which happens every time we change security settings,” Wimmer said.

Thankfully items such as ice picks, saws, hammers, fireworks and handcuffs are likely to remain banned.

Enhancing technology at airport security checkpoints was also discussed during the conference, encouraging less interaction with travellers and a greater focus on biometrics, such as facial recognition software and fingerprint data.

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