People are furious about the 'borderline racist' Met Gala theme

Search the #MetGala hashtag on Twitter, and you won’t just find fashion fans gushing over their favourite looks — not this year, anyway.

The theme for tonight’s event is “China: Through the Looking Glass,” and some people are offended by how guests have interpreted it.

Met Gala guests usually dress to match the theme. When punk rock was on the menu, for example, Marissa Mayer wore a blue streak in her hair. And when style from the British Isles was being honored, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a tartan dress by Alexander McQueen as a nod to his Scottish heritage.

But this year, many are offended by those who are dressing on-theme:

Some have apparently been preparing for disappointment from attendees since before the event started.

Some are taking issue with what they see as cultural appropriation from guests, who were encouraged to think about how Chinese culture has influenced American and European fashion and apply that to their fashion choices.

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