iMessage Is Now On Your Mac! Here's How It Works

messages on mac

Photo: Apple

In the wake of its announcement of the upcoming Mountain Lion OS, Apple released a beta version of Messages.The easiest way to think of Messages is that it’s iMessage for your computer. It can send short instant messages over AIM and Google Talk as well, so it could quickly prove itself useful depending on how intense your communication needs are.

Does this sound up your alley? Download the beta here to see what it’s all about.

We downloaded it and took it for a spin ourselves.

After downloading and installing the Messages beta, it'll prompt you for your Apple ID and password. Type it in and press continue.

If you want to receive iMessages from people texting you from their own iDevices, select the appropriate email address and press continue.

Type in a phone number and write a message. Hit the enter key to send it.

The app will tell you when your friend is typing a response back to you.

And the response comes back.

Here's what an iPhone user sees when you're communicating via Messages. No discernible difference from an iMessage.

Now you're chatting over AIM!

Messages integrates with FaceTime too.

We like Messages and we think it's only going to get better, especially if Apple decides to support other instant message protocols on the mobile side. Soon there won't be an excuse for not getting in touch with someone.

What else is new in Mountain Lion?

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