This Base Running Flop Is The Most Blatant Form Of On-Field Cheating In Baseball

The Cincinnati Reds pummelled the Cleveland Indians 12-5 Thursday.

And although it was already a blowout at the time, Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco decided to flop his way home for the team’s ninth run during a five-run fifth inning.

Mesoraco was caught in a run down between third base and home plate on a grounder to the third baseman. Knowing he was about to get tagged out, Mesoraco blatantly ran into Indians catcher Lou Marson.

Watch (via SB Nation):

Photo: SB Nation

As SB Nation’s Rob Neyer points out, and the Indians announcers surprisingly concurred during the broadcast, Mesoraco is entitled to deviate up to three feet away from the baseline, which he did. Mesoraco’s flop, if you will, is technically within the rules and what baseball people refer to as a “heads up play.”

(In a strange twist it was the Indians broadcasters, NOT the Reds’ guys, who called Mesoraco’s move a smart play. Reds play-by-play man Thom Brennaman was actually surprised Indians manager Manny Acta didn’t go out to argue the call.)

But it’s painfully obvious Marson was trying to get out of the way. Mesoraco looked up to see where he was going and simply ran into him to get an obstruction call and be awarded the cheap run.

Here it is frame-by-frame from a different angle if the GIF is a little too quick for you:

First, Mesoraco stops to see what Marson is doing


Then Mesoraco goes toward Marson as Marson is getting out of the way


And finally they collide for the obstruction call and the Reds/Mesoraco are awarded the run


Flop? Genius move? Or both?

We hate to keep harping on this, but what if replay were available?

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