The 26 most mesmerising photos from NBA Slam Dunk contests

  • All-Star weekend has arrived, which means it’s time for the NBA’s annual slam dunk contest.
  • In year’s past, the dunk contest has produced some unbelievable and memorable photos of NBA stars getting big air.
  • Take a look back at the most extraordinary photos from past NBA slam dunk contests:

Donovan Mitchell won the dunk contest as a rookie in 2018.

His acrobatic dunks — combined with his colourful jersey and shoes — made for some stunning photos.

Derrick Jones Jr. went between-the-legs during the 2017 dunk contest.

And the aerial view is absolutely stunning.

He also leaped over several teammates during the event.

JaVale McGee upped the ante in 2011, dunking on two different hoops at the same time.


It’s hard to forget the time Blake Griffin leaped over a car for the slam that same year.

Here’s the shot from above.

Griffin also emulated legendary dunker Vince Carter by throwing his arm in the rim on a massive dunk.

Carter won the 2000 dunk contest with that same move.


He also made going between-the-legs look like second nature.


Gerald Green borrowed the move eight years later.

But he stunned fans and pundits by recreating Dee Brown’s no-look dunk the year prior.

Dwight Howard went full Superman during the 2008 dunk contest. He even wore a cape.

His Airness rocked the 1988 slam dunk contest with a number of legendary dunks, including this impressive reverse.

Jason Richardson looks like he could walk on air in 2002.

Nate Robinson — a 5-foot-9 point guard for the New York Knicks — stunned viewers with his high-flying dunks during the 2006 dunk contest.

He somehow managed to get even more bounce the next year.

Here’s a shot of him hanging from the rim and catching the rebound from a missed dunk.

Aaron Gordon has made a splash in multiple NBA dunk contests.


His ability to go under-the-legs before rocking the rim has mesmerised spectators for years.


So when he did it over Stuff the Magic Dragon — the Orlando Magic mascot — at the 2016 dunk contest, it sent the crowd into an absolute frenzy.


Jeremy Evans skied over then-teammate Gordon Hayward to win the 2012 dunk contest.


The following year, he took a handoff from Utah Jazz great Mark Eaton while he jumped over him for the slam.

Zach LaVine soared through the dark to win the 2015 NBA dunk contest.


Then he came back and won it again the following year.


Now check out the future of the NBA dunk contest:


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