Merrill Founder’s Son Gloats From Vermont


Win Smith, the son of a Merrill founder and the ex-Chairman of Merrill Lynch International, was passed over for the firm’s CEO-ship back in 2000 in favour of Stan O’Neal.  Win exited the firm shortly thereafter, along with most other Mother-Merrill loyalists caught in Stan’s purge.  Win then moved to Vermont, bought Sugarbush, and took an unpaid part-time job railing to the media about how O’Neal was destroying the firm (which, in fact, he was doing–literally).

And now Win’s back!

Specifically, he’s on Bloomberg Radio, in a Sugarbush ad, in which he cackles about how all his Merrill colleagues thought his move to Vermont was nuts.

We don’t know how Sugarbush is doing this year, but Win says they’ve got a cool new base lodge and luxury hotel.  He also says they get “22 feet” of snow a year.  This last stat must be a reference to a mountain of ice accumulating under a snow blower somewhere (or to some fictional Vermont that we’ve never visited), but we’d settle for half that.

In any event: Win’s living the good life (see below).  Maybe he’s even hiring!