After Caving On Greece, Angela Merkel Just Ruined Herself

Angela Merkel


Chancellor Angela Merkel has gone from the hero of Germany’s fiscal conservatives to one of their biggest offenders as the once stubborn leader has been forced into a pricey Greek bailout.Germany is now on the line for as much of 8.4 billion euros ($11.4 billion) in the Greek bailout, according to Der Spiegel. That’s more than any other state in Europe and passes the buck of Athenian government responsibility to Berlin.

Opposing parties to Merkel’s leadership are rounding on her, suggesting the leader has stepped back from her previous promises, which some think were premeditated electioneering, according to Der Spiegel.

While the deal is anything but final, the impact on her domestic strength might make Merkel second guess her Greek call, and move yet again to hold up bailing out the troubled state.

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